Comprehensive Statewide Tobacco Cessation

The Pacific Center on Health and Tobacco (PCHT) is working to help states establish comprehensive, evidence-based statewide tobacco cessation programs. This website contains information, resources and tools for state managers and administrators of tobacco control programs, businesses, voluntary organizations, health care systems, state agencies, and others to guide the development process.

In the last decade, the tobacco control movement gained momentum and enjoyed success using public policy strategies aimed primarily at preventing youth initiation and protecting non-smokers. But, even with policy changes, overall quitting rates remain low. A significant problem is that most tobacco users try to quit on their own without any assistance. Effective methods for assisting tobacco users to stop are well established, but most tobacco users lack access to affordable help. Cessation services are not widely available and do not have sufficient funding.

The solution is collaboration among business, health care, government and public health agencies, and the larger community to establish a sustainable, statewide network of accessible and affordable services to help tobacco users quit and stay quit. Tobacco cessation guidelines would serve as hubs in these networks, coordinating services and information. The success of such a network requires organizational and financial partnerships.

Resources presently available on this site address: the PCHT vision, comprehensive approach and implementation strategies for a Comprehensive Statewide Tobacco Cessation program; the integration of quitlines and health care systems by Linking a Network; and how to Build a Financial Infrastructure that supports reimbursement of cessation services through businesses and health systems. Resources under development include such topics as: how to reach out to disparate populations by Bridging the Gaps and developing criteria and strategies for provider training that can Broaden the Provider Base. Visit the resources page for more information.

Funding for the Pacific Center on Health and Tobacco is granted through The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The fiscal agent for the Pacific Center is Oregon Health and Science University located in Portland, Oregon. The administrative center for the Pacific Center is located within the offices of the Tobacco-Free Coalition of Oregon, 1425 NE Irving, #100, Portland, Oregon, 97232.